Miller Stark Klein Associates -The Best Debt Collector in The Carolinas
Miller Stark Klein Associates -The Best Debt Collector in The Carolinas

Why Miller Stark Klein & Associates

We are redefining the industry by providing better mediation tools for individuals who are looking to clear out bad debts, and paying off accounts.

Best Support Ever

Making A Difference With Consumer Education.


As a licensed, insured and bonded collection and debt mediation services with over 20 years experience has a privacy and security procedures in place that protects our client and their personal data.  

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We maintain the highest level of business integrity and constant focus on results, M.S.K. & Associates Collection Agency provides the highest quality of debt collection services while upholding an outstanding reputation among our competitors and clients.


We are the best in financial industry
Not only great theme but we also provide the best support.
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Trouble Paying Bills?

M.S.K.& Associates has over 20 years experience in collection and debt mediation services.  With this level of experience and continuous education ensures maximum results to assist our clients get closer to financial freedom.


We are here not to just resolve, we  also educate our clients on how to gain control over their finances.  Our counseling teaches our clients, if you don’t get a hold on your finances your finances will take hold of you.

Key to Success

Our approach to successful outcomes are simple.  We treat our clients with respect, we are honest and trustworthy. With those values we present options that will work best for the client.


M.S.K. practices “NO TOLERANCE” on breaching privacy and compliance.  We take pride in our policies and procedures that protect ALL parties involved.  This practice begins with the hiring process that VIGOROUS!


M.S.K. family is what it is family.  Because of that environment we are understanding that life can hit anyone at anytime.  Our clients love our empathy and approach on assisting them in gain financial freedom.


Our highly trained staff offers the most superior client support that is unexpected in this industry.  We train our staff not just at the time of hire but consistently throughout their career here at Miller Stark Klein and Associates.  Due to this practice our staffing is stable and consistent. 


  • I have been with M.S.K. for 7 years and not only have I learned alot, I feel like I am actually helping someone. MSK taught me that we are not just debt collectors we are also counselors and educators. When my clients tell me how grateful they are for me showing them a better way to obtain their goals feel awesome.

    Thomas Rhudus
    MSK Staff
  • I am the first to admit collections and debt mediation can be a disaster. I did not intend on answering my phone because I knew the position I was in, but something said answer and I am glad I did. I had the best representative, she help me understand my account and more importantly my options. I am a few steps closer to getting back on track.

  • As a new business owner, I have hit some bumpy roads. What I like out MSK is they understood my situation and helped me figure out the best way to gain control. With their help I am getting back on the road to financial freedom.

    Roberto Carlos
    Entrepreneur ~Summer 2017

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